Allcoolshit.com is an entertaining and educational site for all ages. We provide you with interesting things and insights using a journalistic approach. One post at a time.

  • Help people see that there is some really cool stuff in this world. 
  • Be the spark that ignites your imagination and creativity, and  inspires you. 
  • Inform, entertain, and allow people to share the cool things that they have found.

What is cool?
Wondering what it is we consider cool here at All Cool Shit? It's simple. We want our visitors to experience through the media we post things that are not seen on an everyday basis. Things that will make you look twice and say "Wow that's pretty cool".

Here  is a general rule of thumb when  submitting to our site. Think of 5 people who are close to you, friends, family, associates, etc. Ask yourself "have any of these 5 people seen the item I'm about to submit?". If you feel at least 3 of the 5 have not, chances are you have an item that is unique. We believe unique is the cousin of cool.

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