Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Giant Pumpkin Planting Season Is Here!!!!!!

Giant Pumpkins
Damn boy he thick! That's a thick ass boy!

Most people will agree that April and May are the best months of the year because during these
months giant pumpkins are planted.

According to an unknown source giant pumpkins are the most popular fruits in the world. This comes as no surprise to me. Who couldn't love these humongous malformed lumpy bois? The largest and most dominant of which can weigh up to twenty six hundred pounds, holy smokes!

Giant pumpkins worth the weight at Stillwater fest – Twin Cities
"The attraction began during my high school years"
If you are one of the silly Billys who havent planted their  giant pumpkins yet, get seeds from Howard Dill a great family owned seed operation in sunny Canada. Also  is a good online resource for all your pumpkin growing concerns




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