Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grudge match of the new millenia?

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In this corner weighing around 250 pounds.... Alexxxxxx Jonessssss.... and in this corner with a combined weight of lets say 450 pounds... Pierssssssss Morgannnnnnnn.. Buzzzzzzzzzzzz Bissingerrrrrrrrr....... and some lady. Grudge match of the new millenia? Perhaps. Watch video below as Alex Jones makes the challenge.

Alex Jones recently challenged these three to a boxing match, with cool stipulations like it could be bare knuckles and Buzz Bissinger could wear a dress (if he wanted too). Apparantly Morgan, Bissinger, and the lady joked about shooting Jones,(with a gun) on Morgan's failed CNN tv show "The Piers Morgan Show". Needless to say Alex was not pleased. If this event were to take place it would undoubtedly be awesome, cringe heavy, and insane.We can only hope that in a society where it's no longer hip to be square this match is a go.