Sunday, April 6, 2014

Can Animal Simulator Games help the BAN BOSSY movement?

As many of you may already know there has been an explosion of new and exciting simulation games like Street Sweeper simulator, Surgery simulator, Train simulator, Tractor simulator, and many more. I don't doubt that these are entertaining but something about them felt a little bland. They seemed to only cater to human interaction with machines and lets be honest humans aren't the only earth creatures that live lives worth simulating. So check out some special animal simulators that have been released over the past year.

Goat simulator: The most recent of the animal simulation games allows you to frolic around a beautifully crafted virtual world where you can explore, get into mischief, and do other goat things. The video shows the game trailer. If you want to see live game play scroll to the bottom of this post for a bonus video by YouTube sensation Will Keith.

Bear Simulator: I have yet to play this one but it looks fucking amazing. You are a giant fucking bear eating fish, pounding on smaller animals like a straight up bully. Keep in mind if they #banbossy games like this will probably not get made so choose your fleeting causes wisely.

Bonus Videos
Will Keith plays Goat Simulator for 20 mins

Envirobear 2000
Described as the "best bear driving simulator ever made"