Friday, November 29, 2013

I'm Strong, I'm Big, I'm Hot, FUUU.....

Lets get serious you're a man and you can take anyone in a fight. You are the toughest dude at the bar at all times. That guy that's way bigger than you with the way hotter and skinnier girlfriend and the way cooler, better drawn tattoos? Hes a pussy! You are soo tough that you eat lightning and crap thunder. You know tons of other lines from Rocky too. You even beat meat like him...sort of
So when you see a 150 pound kinda wirey guy walk by pshhhhhh you could handle this weakling. Just push him out of the way! Right?


In this great video you can watch a 150 pound jiu jitsu expert make easy work out of a 250 pound ripped bodybuilder using logic and leverage.


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