Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Trucker's Friend by Innovation Factory

We just found this impressive multi purpose tool born in the USA. It's caller the Trucker's Friend and it's made by the company Innovation Factory. We don't claim to be truckers by any means, but this thing looks like it's many uses would be very beneficial to a trucker or anyone who doesn't want to be hassled by an ex New Jersey Governor type trolling the rest stops.

  • Manufactured by: Innovation Factory
  • Merchant SKU: IF 221
  • Curved Axe (fully resharpenable)
  • Hammer and Nail Puller
  • Spanner (for hose couplings)
  • Pry Bar and Lever
  • Tire Chain Hook
  • Wire Twist (for removing lightweight security seals)
  • Ice and Debris Remove
  • Cast Alloy Tool-Steel Blade and Shank (heat treated for extra strength)
  • Rust Resistant Matte Finish
  • Fiberglass Handle (non-conducting)
  • Shock Absorbing Powergrip
  • Professional Sheath Included
  • Backed by a ‘Hassle-Free’ Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
  • Made in USA



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