Saturday, May 19, 2012

New AeroShot Caffeine Inhaler Flavors

Earlier this year we posted about the revolutionary new way to get that much needed caffeine by using the AeroShot Caffeine Inhaler. Now after much success and shooting people down for a free sample (we hold no grudges) the people at AeroShot have released new flavored Caffeine inhalers.


The original flavor offered was lime. It was housed in a cool little yellow and gray case and it shot small doses of lime flavored powdered caffeine into your mouth for a quick burst of energy. They now offer raspberry in a pink and gray case and green apple in a green and gray case.

Another cool innovation by AeroShot is Aeroshot Chocolate which comes in chocolate, mint chocolate, and cherry chocolate. These little devices are the same size as the original AeroShot but instead of pure caffeine it shoots chocolate in a completely "re-imagined way."

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