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Luxury Cars That are Worth the Price

Luxury Cars That are Worth the Price

The answer to whether a luxury car is right for you relies entirely on your personal taste and priorities. Generally speaking, amenities come hand in hand with elevated prices. If you want exceptional safety features you could be spending upward of $40,000. Highly fuel-efficient cars as well as ones loaded with all the latest technology like voice control and built-in GPS are also going to be quite pricey.

Figuring out what car buyers want from their vehicles takes audience research and possibly a number of failed tests along the way. This is particularly significant for luxury car manufacturers as higher price tags mean higher customer expectancies. Professionals in the car industry often acquire degrees in business or auto technology. If this interests you, you might try checking out online schooling options at

So let's say you've been considering this indulging purchase for a while now and are sure a luxury car is what you want – we've compiled a few of the most cost efficient luxury cars on the market that could be just what you're looking for, as well as tips to avoid less cost efficient models:
  • BMW 3 Series – The BMW 3 Series has been around for a while because of its popularity. It's both practical and stylish and the great thing about this series is there are several styles to choose from. 3 Series models cost anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 and can manage up to 33 miles per gallon. These models are not generally loaded with tech-y gadgets but newer models are certainly adequately equipped. The BMW 3 Series also has safety covered, with mostly four- and five-star National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ratings.
  • Audi A4 – In 2010, this Audi model made the top 10 list on for most fuel-efficient luxury cars. Running at a base price of around $30,000, the Audi A4 boasts a 23/30 mpg, four-wheel drive, and a turbo four-cylinder engine. Not to mention there are top notch stereo options available. You'll want to stick with the manual though, as the automatic model's mileage is less impressive.
  • Lexus HS 250h – This list would seem incomplete without at least one luxury hybrid. Lexus' 2012 HS 250h prides itself on an impressive 35 mpg, but it doesn't sacrifice technology for practicality. In addition to Bluetooth, USB connectivity, leather interiors, and voice recognition navigation, this hybrid offers four video cameras for assistance with blind corners and facial recognition for driver drowsiness. Many features are optional and the base price will set you back $40,000.

Less Bang for Your Buck

In a 2010 article, “Forbes” columnist Hannah Elliott argues that Porsche and Mercedes-Benz models often have higher depreciation costs than other luxury cars, making them less cost efficient in the long run. These models are generally purchased for their luxurious aspects rather than for practical value. While they are undoubtedly exciting cars, they're not always monetarily sensible.

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