Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Choose the Right Phone for You

How to Choose the Right Phone for You

Choosing a new cell phone is considered a joy to some, and an impossible chore for others. Regardless how you view this process, it is important to keep in mind it requires some thought, and probably some research.

The first question to ask is what you need your phone to do. After all, modern cell phones are used for much more than talking. For example, Consumer Reports recommends the G1 Smart Phone from T-Mobile and the Apple iPhone G3, but read further and you find out these phones are more for play, not work.

Before you purchase a phone think about the following: Is your phone for work or play? Would you like to have a keyboard for texting? Do you need access to the web? Are you interested in photos and video capability? Do you use your phone in the car? You can probably come up with more questions, but the point is, before you invest in a phone you have to realize what capabilities you need it to have.

Physical size of the phone must be another consideration. Do you want to be able to fit your phone in your pocket? Keep in mind many of the new Smart Phones are rather large because they accomodate touch screens. These phones do everything, but can be awkward to pack around.

According to, a crucial component in buying a cell phone is cost. Set a budget not only for the phone, but for the service plan you need. Cost could have an impact on what you get because you may begin to see your needs as simple wants that you can't afford.

Once you've figured out budget and need, visit stores and talk to those in the know. Talk to friends and colleagues about their phones. Do some research on the internet. Be careful not to get caught up in the bells and whistles available while doing your research. Stick to what you determined you need and don't be afraid to ask about cell phone and service plan cost.

If you ask the right questions and make the effort to research a little bit, you can find a phone that fits your lifestyle and budget. If you find you loved the process and find cell phone technology fascinating, you may want to become the expert through education. If you are interested in online classes in technology, click here. Happy cell phone hunting!


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