Sunday, April 1, 2012

WARNING: Using Fat Gripz May Make You Too Big

Training with thick bar barbells and dumbbells (2 + inches in diameter) is a great way to increase strength, mass, and bust through plateaus. The only problem is, it can be difficult and very costly to acquire such equipment. Don’t despair Fat Gripz are here.

Someone getting a serious burn
with a 5 pounder
Fat Gripz are a reliable and affordable product that mimics the effects of thick bar training. Once fitted to your barbell or dumbbell bar Fat Gripz increases its girth to a very impressive 2.25 inch (5.7cm) diameter. They are around 5 inches in length which means you can use Fat Gripz with any standard barbell or dumbbell! 

They are made of a tough, long lasting, high density compound. If your keeping track they add about 1.2 pounds to your workout. Now you have no excuse why you can't get that thick bar workout you've always wanted. Fat Gripz are used by pro athletes and anybody else who’s serious about strength training, in other words they’re proven. So don't just get a grip, get Fat Gripz!

Fat Gripz are available now for around $45 from Amazon.
Click Here to Purchase a set today.


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  1. these are ok...been using the new Grip4orce and I can't believe the pumps I get with these. I would recommend the regular version at first.
    Very cool product with the added resistance made inside these grips.