Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unload On Paper With A Nakayama Bolt Action Pen

Bolt action pen in brass
Do you love bolt action rifles? Do you wish your pen was bolt action too so you could fire off some great writing. You are probably a realist and think such a cool thing could not exist.... well it does actually.

The extremely talented knife maker Hidetoshi Nakayama creates a wide variety of bolt action pens by hand. These bolt action pens are crafted from brass, steel, and other materials. Nakayama's pens are reloadable, beautiful and rugged. They may be one of the coolest pens you could own. 

The intricate details of the pen's action along the various textures, and carvings applied, make Nakayama's pens true works of art. They are an excellent addition to any pen collection or a great gift for that gentleman or lady writer in your life. When using this pen you may notice an increased use of bullet points, Check Please! 

Where can I get one? One of the few places that offer Bolt Action pens and the only place that offers the brass model is These beautiful handmade pens are priced around $425.



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