Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Taurus Raging Judge Magnum

When it comes to guns there's practical, and there's cool. While your Glock may be very practical, lets face it, it looks kind of boring. The Taurus Raging Judge is a gun that escapes boring and leans more towards cool.

Based off of the Taurus Judge, a 5 shot revolver that fires .410/.45 rounds, the Raging Judge ups the ante, with some cool features its predecessor didn’t have, such as a huge 6 shot cylinder. The Raging Judge has a back strap on its grip for added recoil cushioning. Wait a minute, why does it need that? The Raging Judge not only fires .410s and .45s it is also capable of firing the very hard hitting .454 Casull. Why do you think it’s raging!?!

So now you have three options, if your goal is to whack some snakes and bunnies you got the .410, for some creepers trying to dead you for your paper, you got the 45 long colt, and finally, if a Polar bear breaks into your house and tries to steal, or mate with your old lady you can fire .454 Casull rounds at it. So while not the most practical sidearm out there, the Raging Judge give you variety, and this coupled with it's movie star looks, makes it a very cool piece, definitely worth checking out.




  1. Much appreciated for the information and share!

  2. This gun is a piece of crap. I bought one and within 15 rounds the trigger mechanism broke. I also have a friend that went to shoot his brand new one and after the third round the barrel ffell completely out of it.