Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stay Sharp With This Reinvented Reel Mower

A lot of people have recently adopted a "vintage" or "retro" style. You see it in the way they dress, act, the cars they drive, how they decorate, style their hair etc. These same people have been complaining to me that they just don’t feel very retro when they mow their lawn, I could not help them... Until I found the Stay Sharp Max Reel Lawn Mower produced By Fiskars. This very cool neo retro reel style mower is reminiscent of what the Greasers and women that look like Bettie Page would use to cut grass back in the 50's.

The Stay Sharp Max Reel features advances in reel mower technology that make it 60% easier to use than its ancestors. Advances such as an Inertia Drive reel for twice the cutting power of the old school reel mowers.

Its Stay Sharp cutting system eliminates the need to constantly sharpen the blades. The Max Reel's height adjustment allows you to trim anyway you like. Best of all, it operates manually, so you don’t have to worry about gas or electric costs which can add up. Just good old fashion elbow grease. So all you vintage folks, I believe a thank you is in order.

Did you know the Fiskars Stay Sharp Reel Mower is not just for people that live in the past? It's actually a very nice and easy to use alternative to a gas mower. Don’t let the nostalgia of the mower fool you it’s a handy tool if you want precision. It retails for $249 but is available (at the time of writing this) on Amazon for  around $199.99.



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