Thursday, April 5, 2012

Plantronics BackBeat Go Headset, Wireless And Tangle Free

When we saw the Plantronics BackBeat Go headset we couldn't help but ask ourselves, what took so long? This very small, ultra light, near wireless headset lets us say goodbye to the days of fumbling around with and untangling our ear-buds. This process of untangling that many of us have grown used to is not a cool look.

So now not only can you listen to your favorite music on Spotify or Pandora but you can make and receive calls to. There have been attempts in the past for such a device but most involved a separate bluetooth device that you plug your ear-buds into or having some heavy device hanging from your head like old school braces head gear.

Specs from the Plantronics Press release
The BackBeat GO features:
- A lightweight, compact design weighting just 13 grams or about the weight of three nickels
- Up to 4.5 hours of listening or talk time and 10 hours of standby time
- A2DP for audio streaming
- Digital noise reduction for improved call quality and built-in echo cancelling



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