Monday, April 30, 2012

Need Something Cut? Try Southland Waterjet

Southland Waterjet

If you have parts you need cut and you need them in a reasonable amount of time, at a very reasonable price, look no further than Southland Waterjet. Located in Los Angeles, California, Southland Waterjet can cut just about any material, including steel, glass, and plastics up to 7 inches ( 7.18 cm ) thick. Their cutting table can accommodate sizes up to 5 x 10 ft (1.52x3.05m) and they cut material to tolerances as low as +/- .005 inches (0.25 mm). That’s pretty precise!

Maxiem 1530 waterjet machine
One of the awesome tools they use
The Maxiem 1530

What’s water jet cutting? Water jet cutting tools use a highly pressurized stream of water and abrasives to cut objects like glass, metal, anything really. It is preferable to plasma or laser cutting because it's environmentally friendly and it won’t distort material due to excessive heat. We have used other water jet cutting services when we diddle with metal to make awesome artwork and custom tools, but Southland Waterjet is the only one I would recommend. They have great customer service, quick turnaround, great prices, and of course superior quality of work. Now go get some stuff cut.

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