Friday, April 6, 2012

Need A Great Quality Folding Knife And You're Lefty? SouthPaw Knives Has You Covered

SouthPaw Knives' "Rescue One"
I know your story. You’ve always wanted a liner or frame locking folding knife. All your friends have them, you see people talking about them online, making your urge to get one almost overwhelming. The only problem is...You're left handed. You may think there is no hope. Well I’ve got good news for you SouthPaw Knives has you covered. SouthPaw Knives is owned and operated by knife maker Mark Lipson, he had the same problem you did, but he actually did something about it.

SouthPaw Knives' "Durango"
Mark started his knife making career customizing standard production liner/frame lock knives, turning them into left hand friendly versions. From there he has gone on to make knives from scratch, one of a kind, one at a time, all by hand. What truly makes his creations different from traditional liner locking folders (other than extremely high craftsmanship) is the locking device is on the opposite side. Mark also makes folders for normal folks (right handed people) as well as a variety of fixed blades in various shapes and sizes.

Marks knives look rugged, well crafted and ready to go to work. He builds his knives from top quality steel, titanium, and various handle materials, micarta, wood, bone, etc. So for all you lefties out there it’s time to check out SouthPaw Knives!



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