Friday, April 13, 2012

Mike Snody A Really Cool Knife Maker You Should Know About

If you are into handmade cutlery you have definitely heard of, seen or own a knife or a knife designed by Mike Snody. For 15 years Mike Snody has been making some of the highest quality, most innovative knives, tools, and jewelry that exist today. He uses the finest materials available. Whether it is a stainless damascus folder or a simple working knife for the common man, Mike Snody makes it.

His designs are used by major cutlery firms such as Benchmade, Spyderco, and C.R.K.T. Mike Snody has become a major presence on the web in various forums and YouTube. It’s this presence that sets him apart from his peers, specifically his YouTube page where he gives his fans and clients a look into his philosophy as well as his methods regarding his work. All in all Mike Snody is one of the coolest knife makers operating today so be sure to check his knives out.



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