Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Merrell Brings Barefoot Running To The Road

The Barefoot Road Glove running shoe is a newly released product by Merrell. It is not just a lightweight alternative to running barefoot but a system designed to strengthen your foot, create the perfect stride, and help you run with the right posture. The Road Gloves' mesh upper provides a cool and comfortable run that allows your foot to breathe. Merrell also implemented a high performance rubber Vibram sole making it more durable and more slip resistant than most other mock barefoot running shoes.

Jason Robillard from BarefootRunningUniversity.com says "The shoe is a nearly perfect road shoe for barefoot and minimalist runners.  It allows barefoot form while still providing protection."

They are priced around $110 pretty much everywhere but if you buy a pair I check them out on Endless.com they offer free shipping. Click Here to buy

Other Colors Available