Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet Your Flashlight's Boss

I think the best way I could describe the Surefire M6LT Guardian flashlight would be if you have a really cool handheld flashlight that you love the M6LT would be its boss. It has been described as "an effective spotlight/searchlight that fits in your pocket" by its manufacturer.

How powerful is the M6LT Guardian? This LED flashlight can produce 900 lumens through a 2.5 inch lens. This is the visible light intensity of 900 candles. It's powered by 6 (included) 123A 3 volt lithium ion batteries.

Is it tough? The Surefire M6LT Guardian is built from aerospace quality aluminum and is anodized to military specifications. Its Turbohead TIR lens has  an impact and thermal resistant window that not only protects from drops but also allows for maximum light transmission. Even the 123A Surefire batteries have a 10  year shelf life. 

Is there a warranty? All Surefire illumination tools carry a lifetime warranty. They will replace, refund, or repair your device if they determine it to be defective. Batteries are covered for 2 years.

Very nice how much? It retails for around $575 but at the time of writing this we found it for around $425 on Amazon. Click Here to buy 


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