Friday, April 6, 2012

The LAV-C2, Better Communication Equals Better Defense

Let me introduce you to the LAV-C2. This Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) by Lockheed Martin is an upgraded version of the widely used LAV-25. As opposed to a standard recon unit the LAV-C2 acts as an all terrain, amphibious command post capable of sending info from war zones to safe zones. There are currently 50 being manufactured for the Marines.

It has an updated and integrated communication system for more efficient battle field management. One example of this is its ability to send and receive constant data and voice to and from fire support teams, or commanding officers in safe zones. The frame of the LAV-C2 is open source and will easily allow the integration of any new communication technology.

LAV-C2The physical capabilities of this amphibious vehicle are also quite impressive although mostly the same as it's lower tech cousin the LAV-25. The engine is a Detroit Deisel 6V53T that puts out around 275 horsepower, which is way more than your Prius. This allows it to travel at speeds of around 100 km/h or 62 mph or 241.3 yards per hour, whichever unit of measurement your comfortable with. That may not sound like very fast but this bad boy weighs 12.8 tons and that's way more than your Prius.

Can you shoot stuff from it? The answer is...Of course yes! The C2 is not however an offensive vehicle. It only has one pintle mounted 7.62mm machine gun and they carry about 1000 rounds of ammo. There is also 8 smoke grenade discharges which work great for the self defensive of this defense vehicle. That's also about 8 more smoke grenade discharges than your Prius has. 

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