Saturday, April 14, 2012

If Safety and Efficiency Is Important When You're Around the Campfire Check Out The Fire-Stick

If you are planning on having a campfire with your family and friends this summer then the Fire-Stick is something you may want to consider picking up. It's a 37 inch, 2.8 pound multipurpose tool designed for controlling and maintaining your fire.

The Fire-Stick was created by engineer Jim Hutchinson after pondering a better solution to fire building other than a traditional poker. He fashioned this ultra portable tool out of stainless steel to prevent rusting.  The poker is really a mono-tasking tool but the Fire-stick  has a multitude of uses. 

The Fire-Stick can pick up hot coals or burning logs, move hot pots and pans, you can even use it as a blowing tool to get the fire going. You can accomplish all these things while keeping a safe distance with less risk of getting yourself burnt.

The Fire-Stick can also be used for your home fireplace or as a grabbing device for hard to reach things.



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