Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter! Ready. Set. Waste Money!

It's Easter time and you just won the Megaball Jackpot, so you got a lot of money to waste, but what’s the coolest way to waste it? The answer is simple: have a Faberge Easter egg hunt. What's a Faberge egg? It's a bejeweled egg made of precious materials created by the House of Faberge Russian master jewelers between the years 1885-1917. Faberge eggs were made for Russian royalty and aristocrats. 

The Largest Faberge Egg
1906 Kremlin Egg
The Faberge egg, though a piece of exquisite craftsmanship, has become a symbol of outlandish opulence, the perfect object for a lottery winner, "celebrity", or heir to a fortune. These eggs however are not going to come easy, like everything else did for those aforementioned. There are only about 50 real Faberge eggs in the world. By “real” we mean it justifiable can carry the name Faberge. In order for this it must have been made prior to the 1917 revolution. 

Of the 50 or so accounted for most are kept in private collections or museums. Don’t despair, you got the bread and if you got lucky once you might again. Who knows? Besides what else are you going to spend all that lottery money on a center for kids that can’t read good?

Either way check out the pics of these eggs. They are truly magnificent, great examples of what a man's hands are capable of.

Faberge's Fabulous Bejewelled Eggs
The Baroque Cockeral Egg

Faberge's Fabulous Bejewelled Eggs
The Coronation Egg

Faberge's Fabulous Bejewelled Eggs
The Standart Yacht Egg

Faberge's Fabulous Bejewelled Eggs
The Winter Egg sold for over $9 million



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