Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Great Prehistoric Titanoboa

Vertebrae of the Titanoboa
 next to one of a 17ft modern Anaconda
Are snakes evil? I don’t know. Are snakes cool? Yes they are. What's the coolest snake? Well, probably , the massive prehistoric constrictor Titanoboa, the biggest snake ever known to exist. Before I get into stats on this monster Ill put it this way, if Godzilla, Chuck Norris, or perhaps The Most Interesting Man in the World is walking around the park with his shirt off and a snake around his neck it would be a Titanoboa.

The Titanoboa lived 65 million years ago, in South America. The remains were found in a coal mine that was once a very hot, tropical swamp and rainforest. The Titanoboa stretched a very respectable 48 ft (14.6m) and weighed approximately 2500 pounds (1136kg). It could and would easily eat any human if it was alive today, and it would have no natural predators. I can't think of any creature alive today that would be able to take on all 48 feet of the Titanoboa. Check out the awesome video below of a hypothetical fight between Titanoboa and a T-Rex below.

Check this out:Titanoboa: Monster Snake
Titanoboa: Monster Snake
Titanoboa: Monster Snake tells the story of a group of intrepid scientists who unearth a priceless paleontological treasure trove deep in the Cerrejon Mine, Colombia. Together with their research teams, Jon Bloch and Carlos Jaramillo found a host of giant fossilized leaves and super-sized amphibians that shed light on a prehistoric black hole, just after the death of the dinosaurs. These fossilized remains reveal that the earth endured a period of ferocious global warming leading to a whole new ecosystem - the birth of the rain forest - in which huge creatures battled it out to become the planet's top predators. Dominating this battle was the Titanoboa, the undisputed biggest snake of all time. Titanoboa's world is fully realized in stunning photo-real CGI.-found on

Model of Titanoboa



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