Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Go Deep This Summer With The Subwing

Water skiing, like riding a moped is only fun until your friends see you. The Subwing takes water skiing, bends it over, and shouts "check please!" This thing is really a next level recreational vehicle and the next level just happens to be down, under the water.

The Subwing underwater recreational device easily attaches to any boat with the Subwing Rope. It comes in fiberglass or carbon fiber and has two wings connected  by a rubber and stainless swivel. This allows you to control the device so you can dive deep, do twists and turns, or just cruise on the surface of the water. It was designed by Simon Siverston when he was 18 while sailing through the Greek isles with his father and brother. 

Watch the Subwing in action

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Did you know you can buy a  GoPro camera attachment for your Subwing?



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