Sunday, April 1, 2012

Giant Earthworms Can Grow To 22 feet!


One of my favorite activities is hunting for night crawlers after a good rain. We've probably all heard the stories passed down from generation to generation regarding giant earthworms. Some of us may have even admired these slimy beasts through pictures, or various texts, and a lucky few may have even had contact with these living tubes of awesome. I figured it was about time I mention these magnificent creatures, because they are very, very cool.

Various species of giant earth worm can be found throughout the world, in places such as the U.S.A, Germany, South America, Africa, New Zealand, and Austrailia. 

Species including the pale and pasty Giant Palouse earthwormDriloleirus americanus, native to Washington state and Idaho, U.S.A. It can grow up to 3ft,1 meter. It's cousin, the Oregon giant earthwormDriloleirus macelfreshi, native to the state of Oregon U.S.A. can also grow up to 3ft, 1 meter. 

Then there's the robust and hardy Giant Gippsland earthwormMegascolides australis, native to Australia. This behemoth can grow up to 9 ft , 3m. Some species of giant earthworms in South Africa, have been recorded at an astonishing 22ft7+ meters. Not sure if even Kevin Bacon could beat off that one.


If you decide that hunting for these giants is something you want to do the best time to do it is on a damp night. This means you will need a good flashlight or robot eyes. Since the robot eye market has not yet been established so you will have to settle for a flashlight so try one of these.


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