Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Get It In On The Trail With The 2012 BMW Enduro Mountain Bike

The 2012 BMW Enduro Mountain bike is a beautifully redesigned version of the original. This lighter monocoque frame is made of ultra durable aluminum that underwent multiple stress tests to ensure peak quality. All of the BMW Enduro's components must pass tests of extreme cold and hot temperatures making this an ideal bike for riding anywhere. BMW also upgraded the look with a bad ass matte black finish and some Ninja Turtles Secret of the Ooze neon green accents.

The BMW Enduro has incorporated some big names of the bike world into their new design. They combined parts from FOX, Shimano, and our favorite bike accessory/component maker Crankbrothers. Word on the Google machine is the Enduro is to be priced over $4000 and available this April @ In mountain bike prison the Enduro makes Diamondbacks and Mongooses hold its pockets and forces Huffys to wear cherry koolaid mix on its lips.


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