Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Get Bubba'ed Out With this Golf Gear Guide

On April 8th Bubba Watson made golf history by winning The Masters Championship and becoming a proud owner of the legendary green jacket. He won by playing consistently better than the best golfers in the world for four straight days. His skills were accentuated by the tools and gear he used to pull it off. Here is a guide that focuses on everything Bubba, a man who never took a golf lesson in his life, used and wore on his way to victory. Hopefully it can help you in your own way to be a winner or at the very least a better golfer.

The Clubs of a Masters Champion

Bubba's Clothes

Travis Mathew Mens Nooner Flat Front Pants

Although Bubba Watson will never be a better golfer than Kim jong il (11 hole in ones in one round!) he's a pretty cool guy.

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