Friday, April 27, 2012

Create An Arsenal Out of Office Supplies

Having trouble at the office? Getting harassed by your boss?  Are bullies trying to push you around? You could always go to human resources, but nobody wants to be an anonymous Andy and if you are I would suggest leaving the site now. Otherwise watch this video by the genius sling shot aficionado, and favorite, Joerg Sprave.

In his most recent video Joerg shows us how to turn ordinary office supplies into an arsenal of make shift weapons that would impress even the most seasoned prison craftsman. We are also pretty sure Joerg Sprave is impervious to zombie attacks. Check it out!

Disclaimer: does not promote, endorse, or encourage office violence, or any violence, for that matter, involving any living things. This video and post are intended for entertainment purposes only.
Also it’s been reported that Andy Serkis will be playing a sling shot and a spear gun in the Joerg Sprave Biographic, rumored to be directed by David Fincher


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