Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cool iPad, To Bad the Sound Sucks - Not Anymore!

The Amplifiear is a simple sound solution for your iPad. The iPad's speaker amplifies out of the back of the device sending sound away from the screen and the user. This causes a major loss of volume which doesn't help much when you are using the iPad. The Amplifiear clips onto your iPad and redirects the sound forward through a funnel shaped contraption. The result is louder, more robust sound.

At we try to post as many innovative ideas and products as we can for our readers. Unfortunately some are so new that they aren't immediately available to purchase. The Amplifiear just so happens to be one of those products but you can show your support and still be one of the first to own one. Want to know how? Check out Amplifiear's page and make a $20 pledge. They will ship you out an Amplifiear as soon as they become available.



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