Sunday, March 11, 2012

Will it Blend? If Your Using a Blendtec Blender it Will

Blendtec offers a wide variety of home and commercial blenders of the highest quality. Their blenders are often used by professionals and installed in custom built kitchens. This doesn't mean Blendtec blenders aren't for the average consumer, in fact they are ideal.

Blendtec's Popular 
 Total Blender Classic Series FourSide
Blendtec's best selling blender is the Total Blender Classic Series. It boasts a 3 horsepower motor, a digital touch screen control with programmed blending cycles, and  it can take the place of many other kitchen tools. Kitchen tool efficiency means reduced clutter, saving time, and cutting the stress out of cooking prep. 

Blendtec's unique blenders feature a square pitcher this is so your ingredients consistently fall onto the blades. The circular pitcher of other blenders cause a swirling motion. This makes your ingredients get stuck which causes you to have to stop blending and dangerously free up the clumps.

-1,500 watt, 3 HP direct-drive motor spins blade at 29,000 rpm
-Dimensions: 12" by 10" by 20" inches
-Patented 2-prong stainless-steel blade
-64-ounce jar with measurement markings and a secure-fitting lid
-Comes with a recipe book with more than 100 recipes to get you started
-3-year warranty on motor base
-Lifetime warranty on coupling and blade

Blendtec blenders are famously used by Tom Dickson on, where he blends various random items. Tom just so happens to be CEO of Blendtec and started the site as part of a marketing campaign for their products.

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