Monday, March 19, 2012

Wacom's Intuos 5 The Next Generation Pen Tablet

The Intuos 5 is Wacom's next generation professional pen tablet. It's super thin, ultra responsive, and its express view display lets the Intuos 5 easily integrate with your computer. The new multi-touch functionality allows you to rotate, zoom, or position you work at any time.

The device also has a touch ring navigation similar to that of an iPod that controls scrolling and brush size. It connects to your Mac or PC via USB, but a wireless package (sold separately) is available. The tablet and pen tool can capture 2048 different levels of pressure which is an unprecedented amount that can provide you with superior details.

The Intuos 5 comes in small, medium, and large. 
All have a 2 year limited warranty 
Wacom Intuos5 Touch Pen TabletThe small Intuos 5 touch tablet is ultra portable at 12.6 by 8.2 inches which fits in most laptop bags. It's great if you have a limited work space and don't let its small size fool you it has all the same capabilities as its larger relatives. Wacom Intuos5 Touch Small Price: $229.99
Wacom Intuos5 Touch Pen TabletThe medium Intuos 5 measures 15 by 9 inches and weighs just over 2 pounds. The medium is the most popular among design professionals around the globe.Wacom Intuos5 Touch Medium Price: $339.99
Wacom Intuos5 Touch Pen Tablet The large Intuos 5 measures in at 19.18 by 12.5 inches and weighs just under 4 pounds. Excellent for large pen strokes and large media customization. Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Price: $459.99



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