Monday, March 5, 2012

The Visa Black Card


BlackcardThe Visa Black Card is access to a better way of life in many ways. Through Visa's limited membership into black card status they are able to offer some incredible perks and benefits. Benefits like their zero liability policy offers complete protection against unauthorized purchases. 

For the traveler the black card offers unlimited visits, and free membership to airport VIP lounges. For a more secure feeling when you travel the Visa black card has a lost or stolen luggage reimbursement of up to $3000 per trip. They also offer $1500 interruption/cancellation insurance, along with many other convenient and safety related benefits.

The Visa Black Card's 24 hour concierge service covers a long list of requests. They can set up dinner reservations, book your tee time for tomorrow, and tell you where to find that specialty item you have been looking for. All of this at any hour of the night. It's like the Las Vegas of credit card services.  

Some extra benefits include the Visa Black Card rewards program that lets you redeem points for cash back or airfare. The Black Card itself is made of carbon giving it a really cool look and feel, much more satisfying feeling than a flimsy plastic card.

You can apply now to see if you qualify for this exclusive card by clicking one of the links  in this post. See if you too can be part of this really cool credit card program by Visa.


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