Friday, March 30, 2012

Super Flexible Plastic LG E-Paper

Electronics company LG recently announced their plans to mass produce this flexible plastic E-reader known as the E-Paper or Electronic Paper Display (EPD). This E-Paper is ultra thin at just .07mm that's 1/3 the thickness of its closest E-reader competitor. It's also very flexible and can be bent to a 40 degree angle. So although you cant quite roll it up and throw it in your bag or fold it in half yet this innovation gets us one step closer to a product that does.

Here is an excerpt from LG's press release: "As EPD gets thinner, lighter, and more durable with the introduction of plastic EPD, E-Books will be able to offer certain unique benefits compared to smart devices and tablets, including reduced eye fatigue and more efficient electricity consumption in addition to lower prices."

Most major electronics companies like Sony, and Samsung have products that use this technology in development but LG will be the first to market and sell to the public. So if your sick of fumbling around with the endless pages of a newspaper or your current E-Reader is broke as 10% of all sold happen to be, then try the LG EPD. 

LG is currently supplying the E-paper reader to Chinese ODM companies and will be available for purchase in Europe within the next few months unfortunately no word of a US release yet.

E-Readers available now:



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