Friday, March 16, 2012

A Star Trek Universal Translator May No Longer Be Science Fiction

How would you like to be able to speak in 26 different languages? In the not to distant future you may be able to do just that. Microsoft has been working on a device that can not only translate what you want to say, but will also mimic the sound of your voice in the selected language. With this amazing communication device developed by Frank Soong, you would be able to travel anywhere without the worry of being lost in translation. It can also assist in the learning of other languages.

There are many translation apps and speaking translator devices on the market today like the Nyrius LT12 12 Language Pocket-Sized Electronic Speaking Dictionary or Franklin's 16 Language Speaking Phrase Translator. Although these devices are very useful and cool they only offer a robotic voice that leaves out certain intricacies of your voice. The Microsoft device's computer breaks down each sound of your voice to 1/5 of a second increments then reassembles the voice in up to 26 different languages. Unfortunately no intergalactic languages are available yet.


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  1. As s consequence; it is not possible to conclude that L1 reduces anxiety and, so helps beter learning of English Professional translation.Similarly, it cannot be said that L2 use is more beneficial in terms of lowering anxiety. greater  L2  use  may  not translate  into  greater  anxiety  for  many  learners   and that many students feel  comfortable with  more  L2 when that  is  what  they are used to.