Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SimCity 5 by Maxis Trailer, And GlassBox Game Engine Video


We are eagerly awaiting SimCity 5's release after seeing a very impressive video about the technologies the video game company Maxis is using for the new game.

If you were like us in the late 90's than you spent hours in front of the computer building cities and creating economies in Maxis' SimCity 2000.

For those who don't know about SimCity 2000 or the SimCity franchise it is a city building simulator that was both awesome and addicting. It probably still is.

Actually i'm going to go try and find it and play it right now ill brb...That was pretty cool but unfortunately it took up most of my day. Check out these videos!

Maxis shows off the new technology that SimCity 5 will offer in the video. 

SimCity 5 Trailer/Teaser

If you can wait, catch up on your city building skills and play one of the previous SimCity games below. 

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