Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shapton Japanese Waterstones and Glass Stones get things Sharper

Shapton is known in the knife world for providing extremely high quality knife sharpening products. We feature two of such products here.

Shapton Professional Series Waterstones
Shapton Japanese waterstones are a pleasure to sharpen on. They feature an appropriate binder to abrasive ratio resulting in a constant presentation of fresh abrasive this provides very good feedback. Shapton also provides an excellent variety of grits to choose from.

Shapton's glass stones are very convenient to use also. Rather than having to soak the stone, you only need to keep the stones surface wet(use only water) during use. These stones come relatively flat and are easy to clean. They can be flattened when needed with a diamond plate. They have a low profile this makes them easy to store. You should try to keep them in a dry, room temperature place when not in use. Shapton glass sharpening stones come in grits from 120 to 30,000 this allows one to create any edge they desire.



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