Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kickstart The Revolve Camera Dolly, An Affordable Solution For Photographers Everywhere

The Revolve Camera Dolly is a really cool and affordable solution for pro and amateur
photographers who want to capture steady motion shots but do not have a big studio budget to get them.

The Revolve camera dolly has four soft polyurethane wheels that are attached to two adjustable axles. This allows it to rotate in a circular motion or move in a straight line.

Its strong frame is made out of an aerospace grade aluminum and is anodized to prevent rust and corrosion.

You can easily attach your DSLR, camcorder, or iPhone to the dolly with a tripod head or friction arm. Each axle of the Revolve Camera Dolly has two threaded holes allowing for up to four accessories. This means you can easily add lighting, external monitors, sound equipment, etc.

The Revolve camera dolly's many functions make your job much easier whether you are trying to capture rotational shots, time lapse photography, or any motion style video capture.

We received this submission from Jeremy Canterbury who just so happens to be the inventor
of this great money saving photography tool. He had this to say about designing the Revolve Camera Dolly: "While designing the Revlove Dolly it was important to me that the system would be of high quality, simple to use, portable, versatile, and just as importantly affordable."
Jeremy is working hard to raise money for production of this product and you can help. Just look below for his pledge page and be one of the first people ever to own a Revolve Camera Dolly.



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