Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Raspberry Pi Credit Card Sized Computer

 Raspberry Pi's Credit Card Sized $35 Computer
To some people this may just look like a small random piece of circuit board but it's really much more. It's actually a credit card sized computer created by the company Raspberry Pi. The company's goal was to build an inexpensive aid for teaching students how to program. The Raspberry Pi computers are capable of running simple programming software as well as viewing video, and gaming. Its power source is a micro USB charger. Some of its features are a HDMI input for monitor, two USB plugs, audio/video out puts, and Ethernet connection. The Raspberry Pi has a 256MB internal memory and it's operating system is contained on an SD card.
To start using your Raspberry Pi computer you simply plug in your monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Then plug in the micro USB charger and in about 2 minutes it starts up and your ready to start learning. All of this in the size of a deck of cards and the price of a cheap ear bud head set($35). The Raspberry Pi is a great new tool for programming students and potentially people all over the world who can't currently afford a standard computer. When they were released they sold out over night and Raspberry Pi's website crashed becuase of the increase in traffic.

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