Friday, March 30, 2012

Old Star Wars Toys Make Pretty Awesome Guitars

It's no mystery that the Star Wars movies were are a monstrous film success. It's also a fact that many people are kicking themselves for misplacing or letting their dogs chew on their first edition Star Wars toys they played with as children.

Specialty guitar maker/artist Tom Bingham knows this regret all too well and has acted on it by making some awesome art. He sought out some of the original Star Wars memorabilia
and turned them from childhood fantasy to out of this world music making reality. He has made 3 Star Wars themed guitars out of the Millennium Falcon, the Anakin Starfighter, and the B-Wing Fighter. All three guitars use Fender Telecaster hardware.

If you want to buy one we have some bad news for you, Tom has turned down some very serious offers from people in the US and Russia, stating "I am not tempted by and offers of money". We even tried using Jedi mind tricks to get him to sell us one but he refused. Oh well i guess the force was not strong in us and we will just have to enjoy pictures of these cool guitars for now.

Star Wars-themed GUITARS



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