Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Legendary Maltese Tiger?

Maltese or Blue Tiger artists rendering
Possibly the best way to prove that you are a rich bad ass, and living the AllCoolShit Lifestyle is to buy a tiger. So you buy one, and after seeing yours, your rich neighbor also buys a tiger. Your type A competitive alpha nature can not tolerate this. The next logical thing to do is buy another tiger, or you can purchase a rare white tiger but most of them are inbred, and highly unstable. Hold on there fella! Before you swipe that black card you need to consider, the rarest tiger of them all, the Maltese Tiger. 

Maltese Tiger resting

Maltese Tigers aka Blue Tigers are a possible sub sect of the almost extinct South Chinese Tiger. Similar to Maltese domestic cats, Maltese Tigers have a beautiful bluish gray coat, broken up of course by black stripes, a truly striking creature. Being that this coloration is a result of a genetic mutation, these tigers as rare as Sasquatch. Like Sasquatch these tigers have long been thought to exist only in legend. Maltese Tigers were rarely spotted in random locales throughout south east Asia. No Maltese Tiger has ever been held in captivity or photographed, and the pictures you see here are artist renderings. Do you think they are out there?
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