Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kitesurfer Beats Off 11 Sharks in the Red Sea

Jan Lisewski
(shark fighter)
While seeking a fun kitesurfing session in the Red Sea, Polish kitesurfer Jan Lisewski became stranded due to a lack of wind. This small mishap gave him the adventure of a life time. 

Lisewski is no amateur when it comes to kitesurfing in fact he has been doing it for many years now, and has even crossed the Baltic Sea on a board. Unfortunately his experience could not provide the winds necessary for his recent journey.

After losing wind and being stranded near a reef Jan kept his cool and waited. He saw a few ships in the distance and fired his only few flares toward them, with no response. He could do nothing but wait and snack on an energy bar and a sports drink. 

After about 24 hours he began to notice an unusual number of sharks in his immediate area getting dangerously close. He sprung to action grabbing a small knife a friend of his forced him to take on his journey.

The sharks began to nip at him and his kite and that is when his battle began. He had to stab the ocean beasts in the eyes, nose, and gills for hours until being rescued by the Saudi Arabian coast guard after 40 hours stranded at sea. His  Lisewski claims to have fought at least 11 sharks in total.



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