Friday, March 30, 2012

The Jaw Saw by Worx

Got wood you need severed? You could use an axe, saw, or even a chainsaw, but are those the coolest ways to cut stuff? While they all work when used appropriately the Worx Jaw Saw may be cooler than all of them combined.

What is the Jaw Saw? It looks like a big claw or the jaws of some wood devouring beast. It's actually an awesome wood cutting tool made by the company Worx, a great company that builds high quality landscaping equipment.

The Jaw Saw’s chainsaw is housed between a double guard (the jaw part) designed to protect the operator. When you are ready to cut stuff with your Jaw Saw you squeeze the handle to operate the chainsaw which protrudes like a pharyngeal jaw of the creatures from the Alien movie.

Another convenient feature of the Jaw Saw is that it’s electric so it doesn’t need oil or gasoline. It runs much cleaner than a standard chainsaw. Green technology at its finest! It also has a 12ft reach so if you have got a pesky limb that’s got to go, get a Jaw Saw and get to cutting it.



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