Saturday, March 10, 2012

Impress Men and Women with the Strong Grip You've Always Wanted

In today's crazy world it's important to be able to crush things with your hands so a strong grip is imperative. The best way to develop this ability is to train with the very cool, Captains of Crush grip trainers. They have been the gold standard for grip strengthening equipment for the past 15 years. Captains of Crush, feature aluminum handles imbeded with steel springs.

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"I Love Captain of Crush Grippers.
Remember to always squeeze hard!!!
These grip strength trainers are available in 11 different levels of resistance. The different resistance levels in the Captains of Crush grippers are due to the various spring sizes. They start with the 60lb(27kg) resistance "Guide", all the way up to the "No. 4" at 365lb(166kg) resistance. Closing these grippers is no joke. The average adult male probably cannot even close a 140 lb/64kg, No 1. There are many ways to work out with these grippers. Personally, my favorite method is to just work out one hand and make the other hand jealous. Just a word of caution activities involving your grip that were previously thought fun and safe may become dangerous if you train with these grippers. Lets just say if your making a salad you might crush the vegetables. You've been warned.

Captains of Crush even created an interesting competition where if you are able to close a resistance level 3,3.5, or the ultimate No. 4, and you can prove it, your name will appear on a list among the very few others throughout the world that were able to accomplish this awesome feat. 
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