Monday, March 26, 2012

Here is How Professional Baseballs Are Made


Have you ever wondered how professional baseballs are made? It's a pretty interesting and top secret process that is more hands on than you think. Check out this video below that we found from the Science Channel's "How It's Made show"

One of our awesome viewers shared the story of the "perfect baseball rubbing mud" meant to give the pitcher a better grip and more control over the ball. The man who discovered this top secret mud was Russell Aubrey "Lena" Blackburne, he played for the White Sox between 1910-1929. He discovered it in a tributary of the Delaware river near Palmyra, NJ. The actual location of the "perfect baseball rubbing mud" is still a secret to this day. The story and company that makes it was even featured on the Discovery channel show "Dirty jobs"


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