Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day with Gift Guide

St. Patrick's Day has arrived so let the partying begin. But first lets go over a bit of history and why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick was born in Britain around the 4th century, he was the grandson of a wealthy priest. Around his 16th birthday Irish raiders kidnapped him and forced him into slave labor back in Ireland. After his escape from Ireland back to Britain St. Patrick claimed to be "called by God" to return and spread Christianity to the Irish people. After becoming a bishop Patrick did just that. He spread the word of Christianity in Ireland until the day he died which was the 17th of March the year 461.


So Why the color Green?
Originally the colors of St. Patrick's vestments were blue. Ireland however was rich with green clovers or shamrocks he used the tri-leafed plant to explain the holy trinity (foundation of Christianity) to the Irish people. That is the root of why we associate the color green with the celebration of St. Patrick's Day.

Countries all over the World and people from all different religions and beliefs celebrate this most excellent  holiday. Here is a St. Patrick's day gift guide to help you celebrate in the festivities. Warning: These products may turn you Irish and cause you to protect a pot of gold. 

These Shamrock shades will keep you looking cool on St. Patrick's day or any day you wish to wear green shamrocks on your head.
St.Patrick's Day Shamrock Slotted Shades 

This fashionable Shamrock Cadet hat is a great St. Patrick's day accessory
St Patricks Day Irish Costume Shamrock Cadet Cap Hat 
Only $4.69

St Patrick's Day Green Glitz 'N Gleam Bow Tie 4¼in. x 7in. Pkg/1 
Be a fancy St.Patrick's Day gentleman or woman with these two items
St Patrick's Day Green Glitz 'N Gleam Bow Tie $.99
St Patricks Day Green Sequin Leprechaun Costume Top Hat $3.99

Teach your kid all about St.Patrick's day with this Children's Book
Hooray for St. Patrick's Day! (Lift-the-Flap, Puffin)

Show some Irish Pride with these cool bracelets
St. Patrick's Day Irish Pride Bracelet

Mac says "Boom Irish kick ass"
Irish Kick Ass T-Shirt, Black, 


Turn St.Patrick's day into Halloween with this super cool Irish costume be careful once you put it on you must protect that pot of gold.
Dreamgirl Women's St. Patrick's "Good Luck Charm" Costume 

St. Patrick's Day - Irish Flag Bead Necklace Accessory 

Irish beads are perfect for that St. Paddys day parade
St. Patrick's Day - Irish Flag Bead Necklace Accessory 

Hangunder - Undo Your Hangover
Drinking is a big part of having fun on St. Patrick's day these should help with the next day.
Hangunder - Undo Your Hangover



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