Sunday, March 11, 2012

Great Quality Backpacks by Hex

Choosing the right backpack can be a pain in the ass. So dont bother, just turn your brain off,  I'll turn mine on, and assist you in choosing. If comfort and convenience is important to you buy a Hex backpack. Hex backpacks are a beautiful economy of form. Stated differently, these backpacks are simple and efficient. This is essential in a piece of gear you have attached to your body. Unlike other popular brands, Hex backpacks wont get you snagged up while you're doing what ever it is you do. 

Hex Basic Backpack
The Hex Basic and Hex Recon model backpacks are of sturdy construction they feature two front pockets for your iPad/tablet, a large main compartment and their measurements are 18" H x 13" W x 4.5". These Hex backpacks are crafted from rugged heavy weight canvas. If you wanna learn about canvas go to a muesum and check out how well canvas holds up over hundreds of years. Don't believe museums? Ok, well here is a direct quote from me, "it holds up well." These minimalist bags are available now at in a varitey of colors and configurations our two favorites are the Hex Basic backpack and the Hex Recon.

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