Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Giant African Land Snail, Biggest and Coolest Snail

I have spent many sleepless nights contemplating, and ruminating. There was a burning question I needed to answer, a question I know many of you have been struggling with as well. That question is of course, what is the biggest and coolest species of land snail in the world? I am happy to report my internet friends, I have finally found an answer... It is the Giant African land snail. 

The name Giant African Land Snail actually refers to three species of big gooey snail pals. Achatina fulica, Archachatina marginata, and Achatina achatina. These slimy beasts can grow to over 15" (38cm) in length, and weigh over 2lbs (1kg). The giant African land snail just ooze cool along with other viscous substances. 

It would probably be awesome to be able to report that these snails are carnivorous, and aggressive, but I cannot in all honesty. These giant land snail eats mostly veggies. I imagine if you were to eat one of them it might be the equivalent of a beef steak, covered in Vaseline. Of course you should never eat one. I would prefer to be friend the snail, and teach them tricks.  I advise you to do the same.



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