Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Ashford Castle

 The Ashford Castle
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a King or Queen or even a Duke? Well if you’re not born into the right family you will never hold one of those titles, sorry. You can get a get a taste of the life those aforementioned elites of the past enjoyed. How is this possible? Simply travel to Mayo Ireland, home of the extremely cool Ashford Castle.

The Ashford castle was founded in 1228 by the De Burgos family.
After many battles for ownership and being left to many people through wills it was purchased by Noel Huggard who turned it into a hotel. Today it’s a beautiful 5 star luxury hotel, perfect for an upscale wedding or conference. The rooms are spacious and beautiful, as you would expect a in a castle. 

Those that stay at the Ashford Castle enjoy many activities, including golf, clay shooting, horseback riding, and of course falconry. If eating like royalty is what you desire you will have no problems in the exquisite George V dining room, a true sight to behold.  So if you can’t be royalty biologically, at least you can pretend to be at the very cool award winning 5 star Ashford Castle hotel.



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