Wednesday, March 7, 2012

5 Collectible Tomahawk Axes

The Tomahawk ax or hawk is a small ax like tool usually with a straight shaft. It's an aggressive relative of the hatchet. The tomahawk has many uses but most famously they were a tool used by Native American Indians for general purposes, and as a throw able combat weapon. Below is a list of five of the coolest hawks to ever roam the earth.

Originally designed by Peter LaGana, the great quality VTAC is produced by American Tomahawk Company. This hawk is cool because of its history, designed by LaGana for Vietnam era U.S. troops involved in close quarters combat. This tomahawk is the standard by which all other modern tomahawks are measured.
Steel: 1060
Overall Length: 14"
Weight: 1 lb+
Cutting edge: 2 3/4"
Bit length: 8 1/2"
Handle: ST "super-tough" modified nylon

A product of coldsteel knives,the trail hawk is cool for three reasons: 1. Its affordable 2. Endless possible modifications 3. It's easy to throw.
Steel: 1055 Carbon steel
Overall Length: 22"
Weight: 23.6 oz. 
Cutting edge: 2 1/4" 
Bit length: 6 1/2" 
Handle: American Hickory 

Designed by renowned knife maker Ernie Emerson, and produced by American Tomahawk company. This hawk is cool because of its efficient yet simple design.
Steel: 4140
Overall Length: 13 ¾"
Weight: 16 oz. w/o sheath
Cutting Edge Length: 2 7/8"
Bit Length: 7 3/4"
Handle: Precision molded nylon material

PATHFINDER SCOUT TOMAHAWKDesigned by survival instructor, and Discovery channel's Dual Survivor co-host, Dave Canturbury.This one was produced by legendary tomahawk maker Two Hawks. This hawk is cool because it looks beautiful, it is reminecent of the hawks used in the days when men were men and women were men, plus it's a very easy throw.
Steel: Carbon steel
overall length: 18 3/4"
weight: 18.2 oz.
Cutting edge: 2 3/4"
Handle: wood

Kestrel 09 1  500x304_1.jpgDesigned by acclaimed knife and tomahawk maker Ryan Johnson, and produced by his company RMJ Tactical. The kestral is cool because of its integral construction that makes it damn near indestructable, this hawk is a modern warrior's best friend.
Steel: 4140
Overall length: 13"
Weight: 25 oz.
Cutting edge: 3"
Handle: integral with scales

We hope you enjoyed our 5 Collectible Tomahawk Guide. Below is an video of Pathfinder School's Dave Canterberry. In the video Dave discusses how to care for and how to throw a Tomahawk.

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