Saturday, March 17, 2012

2 Great Throwing Knives, And The Expert Ralph Thorn

Being able to throw a knife into a target is both an art form, and survival technique. When using throwing knives for fun and competition it's challenging, when using them for survival it's a skill that may keep you alive. At some point you may ask yourself "what are the coolest throwing knives, a man, woman, or child can fire at a target?" Well we've found some contenders that could vie for that title.

tru bal throwing knife model 1 hm professional 420x315 Tru Bal Model No. 1 With Sturdy Leather Knife SheathLet's start with the legendary, Tru-Bal throwing knives. They were created by Harry McEvoy. Mr. McEvoy designed and built many timeless throwing knives, including throwing Bowies, dirks, and his leaf shaped dagger Model 1 thrower. The model 1 is considered by some to be the best and coolest thrrowing knife ever conceived. Tru-bal lives on to this day under the direction of Harry McEvoy's son Stephen.

Another brand of possibly the coolest throwing knives is Pro-Flyte Throwing knives. These are  produced by talented custom knife maker, and president of the American Knife Thowers Alliance, Bobby Branton. Branton crafts the Pro-Flyte in spring steel, expertly tempered for throwing. Pro-Flyte knives are avalible in various shapes and sizes that will meet any steel chuckers needs.

No article about firing steel at random things and making it stick would be complete without the mention of Ralph Thorn. I guess you can say Ralph Thorn wrote the book on the subject because, well he did it's called Combat Knife Throwing: A New Approach to Knife Throwing and Knife Fighting. Thorn is a man who can stick just about anything into anything. He seems to have perfected a no spin style of throwing that could actually be used in combat. That's right folks just like in the movies! 

He is a site to behold in his videos firing everything from screwdrivers to swords into stumps, walls, you name it, sticking it hard every time. So do yourself a favor if you wanna stick em hard every time, pick up Ralph Thorn's book and check out  his videos and soon you may be ready to get your hands on the awesome throwing knives made by the legends mentioned above. Remember safety is important! Do not fire knives or any sharp heavy objects at your friends, or anyone else for that matter.



  1. I am used to tomahawk throwing, but not so much of knife throwing. I am learning the skill now, and I welcome any info I can find. Your post has great info and products, thanks for sharing. I also learnt a few knife throwing tips here:

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  3. Yeah, I am learning the skill now. Thank!